Facebook: Introducing New Brand Safety Controls for Advertisers

Guided by the responsibility to provide a safe environment for people and advertisers, we have a multi-faceted approach to brand safety and today we’re sharing updates on each. It includes three key areas:

  • Create a safe and welcoming community
  • Maintain a high quality ecosystem of content, publishers and ads
  • Proactive collaboration with industry

Create a Safe and Welcoming Community

The best way to contribute to brand safety is to prevent harmful content from ever appearing on our services in the first place. We’ll never be perfect but we continue to make investments in technology and people to limit as much as we can.

It starts by having Community Standards to determine what is and what isn’t allowed. These are grounded in our commitment to give people a voice, and in order for people to express themselves, they need to know they’re safe. That’s why we have over 35,000 people working on safety and security, which includes removing billions of fake accounts a year. We also invest in technology to reduce the spread of false news and help identify content that may violate our policies — often before anyone sees it. And we routinely release the Community Standards Enforcement Report to track our progress to make Facebook safe and inclusive. Our recent report includes data on Instagram, suicide and self-injury, and expanded data on terrorist propaganda for the first time.

Maintain a High Quality Ecosystem of Content, Publishers and Ads

While our Community Standards apply to everyone on Facebook, we also have additional policies to hold publisherscreators and advertisers accountable. At the same time, we know that not all businesses are the same and some may want additional controls for placements within publisher content, like in-stream and Instant Articles on Facebook or Audience Network.

It’s why we are focused on giving advertisers more transparency and sophisticated tools to suit their brand. Today we are announcing strides in our brand safety controls:

  • A one-stop place in Business Manager or Ads Manager to create block lists, get delivery reports and set an account-level inventory filter, rather than applying it one campaign at a time.
  • Improved delivery reports that allows the advertiser to search by account ID or publisher without having to download it. Soon we’ll add content level information to the delivery report.
  • A new brand safety partner, Zefr, joins DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science and OpenSlate, to help ensure the brand safety controls and tools we create continue to serve advertisers’ needs.
  • Dynamic Content Sets that provide a content-level white listing tool for advertisers working with Integral Ad Science, OpenSlate, and Zefr. This initial test for in-stream placements allows these partners to routinely update and adjust the videos available to advertisers based on what best suits their brand. 
  • We’re also beginning to test Publisher White Lists for Audience Network and in-stream ads on Facebook with select advertisers and will look to expand more broadly next year.

These build on the tools we offer today:

  • Controls over where their ad appears when shown within publisher or creator content
  • Publisher lists so advertisers know where their ads might appear before they run
  • Publisher delivery reports so they can understand where their ads actually ran
  • Block lists to prevent an advertiser’s ads from delivering on specific publishers 
  • Inventory filter so they can choose the type of content they want associated with their business and filter out the rest
  • Partnerships with third parties to provide advertisers with even more options 

All of these policies and controls contribute to a quality ecosystem among people, publishers and advertisers.

Proactive Collaboration with Industry Partners

Brand safety is a challenge for the entire advertising industry, which is why we collaborate with industry partners to share knowledge, build consensus, and work towards making all online platforms safer for businesses.

  • We completed JICWEBS’ Digital Trading Standards Group’s Brand Safety audit, receiving the IAB UK Gold Standard.
  • We’re an active part of the working group for the World Federation of Advertiser’s Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), which is leading the charge with global brands, media agencies, media owners and platforms, and industry bodies to create a more sustainable and responsible digital ecosystem.
  • We’re introducing sessions with industry bodies to provide further insight into how our operations teams work to review content and enforce our Community Standards.

While we have zero tolerance for harmful content on our platforms, we recognize that doesn’t mean zero occurrence. It’s why we are tackling this challenge across the company working with industry, enlisting expertise across subject matters, and continuing to invest in the technology, tools and advancements that advertisers are asking for. A safer Facebook and Instagram is better for everyone, including businesses, and it’s what we’ll keep working towards.

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