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How we work

Working to make your brand immortal


We start every project with focus. We listen in order to understand and conceptualize your goals. We focus in on your brand, audience, mission, communication style, & many other components that make you who you are.


We head back to our control room and embark on a discovery mission, laying out the history of your organization, messaging, products, current design, branding guidelines, and more, to map out the success plan. We also begin the inspiration process by drinking copious amounts of coffee as we work. We also begin the inspiration process by drinking copious amounts of coffee as we work.


After our team has done a creative download, we create a visual map of your brand. This helps us grow the who, what, and how of the project into the strategy of how we can enhance your brand.


With a full understanding of your organization, your brand, and your goals we get to work on creating initial concepts.


Collaboration is a huge component of how we work in order to get you the results that you are looking for. We’ll reach out to connect with you and might even suggest meeting up at one of Milwaukee’s wonderful local coffee shops. By reconnecting and touching base with you personally, we ensure your project is on the right track!


With all the information at your fingertips and the ability to decide what concepts to move forward with, you get to say the magic words, “Full Speed Ahead.” We then kick it in to high gear on your design. And, to keep stodgy cubicle-based ideas at bay, this could happen from our office, a community workspace, or one of our favorite coffee shops, sparking ignition for truly brilliant work.

Fine Tune

Once concepts have become a design reality, we start taking your final product into the next dimension. Whether it’s a print design or social media campaign we want to be sure that we crush your goals.


3… 2… 1… We Have Lift-Off!!! With fine tuning complete and the green light, we complete your design, go to print, publish your site, wrap your vehicle, or do whatever it was that we envisioned together.

Thumbs Up

Naturally, you are beyond excited with the launch of your new shiny toy and love how we helped enhance your brand. Thumbs-up. Yay!

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